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Chủ Nhật, 31 tháng 1, 2010

How to use a report template for Account Listing/ Journal Listing ... in Phoebus

How to use an account listing template?

You have create your account listing template, or downloaded it from somewhere. Now, how to make Phoebus read the template and generate the report ?

1. Step one : Copy the template to the correct report template folder.

You have 2 options :
  •     Use template locally only in your computer -> just copy  the template to My Documents\Phoebus\ReportTemplates folder
  •     Share this template , so any Phoebus user in your LAN can use it. -> Copy the template to the share folder defined in DB function. In the example below, the shared folder is \\d84w2z1s\SunSystems4\ReportTemplates\

(Click to the image to see full size)

2. Step 2 : Defined the Report Definition Code if it doesn't exist.

Open RD- Report Definition Function. Create a new template with the code is the template file name without ".template.xls"

For example . if the template file name is ALST2.Template.xls, then the Report Code will be ALST2 as the pic below

3. Run it. Now , when run account listing. the template is ready in the template list 

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